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Buying iPads in bulk for schools

Tablets and iPads: Right Tools to Digitize Educational Institutions!

When you are a student, you will need the best devices to enable you to get through classes, including a tablet. Tablets and iPads can be important tools to keep in your arsenal as it lets you take notes by sketching them or typing them.

You even get the option to annotate text in digital copies of textbooks, study your research papers, present PPTs and do everything else for the classroom on an iPad.

What’s Best for A Student with A Limited Budget?

Students like using tablets. Buying iPads in bulk for schools will enable them to make creative projects, do assignments more creatively and do their homework. It gives them the flexibility of using it indoors and outdoors. Surveys have asserted that tablets help boost literacy.

If you are a student with a limited budget, Android tablets will be great for you. It has perfectly balanced the way things should be.

The power of tablets is very clear. They are secure, flexible, convenient, and easy to use. Staying updated with the current events is possible with tablets.

How Has Tablet Played An Important Role During The Pandemic?

Learners and educators have embraced digital learning during the corona virus pandemic. Android tablets and Apple’s iPad are more adequately equipped than ever to address the classroom. You get to do even more to prepare for school.

They are an integrated wireless system and very portable. You can run apps on them that are mainly built for note-taking, forming groups and doing creative projects. With scholars and educators turning to tablets and laptops as their portals into the classroom, schools across the world have understood the importance of digital learning during the global pandemic,

Laptops and computers have been a must-have back-to-school item for university students leaving home for the first time. However, tablets, like Microsoft’s Surface and Apple’s iPad are great for quality classroom companions.

Why are iPads a Great Option?

With expanded support for keyboard and mouse devices, the iPad has evolved to be increasingly effective as a portable workstation. The gap between apps built for macOS and what’s available in the App Store is decreasing. Therefore, buying iPads in bulk for schools is a great option.

Netbooks and Laptops are still exceptional in terms of multitasking and across-the-board utility as they are great as work tools. However, the iPad extends unique flexibility with its touch controls, quality webcams, a top-notch display, easy to use software, and access to Apple’s highly touted app ecosystem.

Using your iPad for taking classes extends a more inexpensive way to function within Apple’s app ecosystem, an advantage that Android tablets cannot match at the moment.

Customised iPads

Several times institutions need their application installed on the devices. Along with custom layouts, tool calibrations, data protection, and security settings, this can be very time taking. The technicians can set up the units beforehand as per the requirements. Blocking certain websites and changing settings so that students stay focused is feasible now.

iPads engage students, educators and parents in a much better way. From assignments, disseminating knowledge, daily homework, grading performance to scheduling extra online classes, iPads have united the once-existing communication gap. Parents and teachers can see students’ performance instantly.

Pros of using iPad

Android tablets comprise features for setting up a workstation. Still, it is perhaps better to purchase a Chromebook than an Android tablet for university and school. Chromebooks are much compatible with several Android apps and deliver more consistent working value than a tablet.


Whether you are thinking of buying an iPad for yourself or giving one to your child for school, here are the pros of buying it: 


  • Installing apps is very easy. It streamlines the workflow.
  • Tablets are more accessible and portable than a laptop or Chromebook
  • They have a long battery life
  • 5G and 4G LTE choices for mobile internet connection

How Can You Have An Amazing Deal On Your Tablet?

Tablets have a shorter lifespan than your computer or laptop. They work great for 2-3 years, depending on the brand and version. If you do not update the software after that, it would need constant repair. It will either hang more or work slowly.

Software malfunction is a popular complaint about tablets obtained by brand service centers. A clever thing to do is to pay a little extra on an Extended Warranty Plan while buying the tablet.

An extended warranty plan includes all the damages and malfunctions covered in its warranty. This comprises software failures also.

As the warranty ends, the extended warranty period begins. In this way, your tablet’s warranty is covered for a year extra. This extended warranty extends the life of your iPhone or tablet by an extra year at a very minimal cost.

Final Words

It is important to leave behind traditional classroom teaching. Tablets and iPads are significant to make teaching an interactive and immersive experience. From presenting PPTs, showing images, instructional videos, web surfing to creating animations, iPads are an amazing learning tool.

Cost is a huge factor when it comes to buying electronics for the entire school. The low purchase price of the iPad makes it more attractive. It reduces the training and support cost. For education’s sake, iPads can deliver a considerable productivity boost.

A tablet acts just like a Smartphone. This means wake from sleep without waiting for information to pop up. As a school workstation, the iPad does not offer many advantages over the wide choice of Chromebooks and laptops on the market. Yet with the right add-ons, the iPad has the versatility to stand in for a laptop in the classroom while conveying all the advantages of Apple’s quality hardware and outstanding app ecosystem.

The time management app of Apple and Screen Time can also control and limit time with specific apps on the iPad. Buying iPads in bulk for schools is a valuable tool for kids.

Parents thinking of giving their child a tablet or an iPad for school should make sure to conduct a thorough check of the device’s parental control settings. This would ensure that only age-appropriate apps are accessible.

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