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Privacy-Enhancing Features You Need To Know While Using Apple iPad

Apple strongly believes in the right to privacy. Their devices are designed in such a way that it has the maximum attainable privacy. Here is some of the advice on how you can use the tools which have been given by the company (ipads wholesale) to protect your privacy on an iOS device.


Form a Better Passcode


You must be using a 4-digit pass-code, right? Instead use an alphanumeric code or a 6-digit pass-code.


You can change this in Settings>Touch ID/Face ID & Pass-code. Now select Change Pass-code and then tap on the small Pass-code Options dialog. Alphanumeric codes are very hard to decipher. Just make sure you memorize the code.


After iPads wholesale purchase, you need to protect your device with a strong passcode. You can use Face ID or Touch ID unless security policy restricts you from doing so.


Erase Data


It is troublesome to imagine what might happen if somebody gets access to your device and wants to get all the data it contains? There are only 10,000 combinations for a 4-digit code. Also, many pass-codes start with 1. It makes much sense to at least reduce the number of chances a knave has of assuming your number.


To do so, open Touch/FaceID & Pass-code and make sure the Erase Data option is on. With this, all the data on your device will be detected after 10 failed pass-code attempts.


What to do when you are locked?


People use iPads wholesale marketing for it’s improved security purpose. However, privacy is not only about what people can see when they are online. It is also about safeguarding your device when it is alone, unprotected or visible to others.


One of the big issues is the habit of enabling people to use Siri from the Home screen or enabling message previews to come upon the lock screen.


You can change this in Settings>Face ID & Pass-code, in the Allow Access When Locked section. If the iPhone doesn’t have Face ID, the section is labeled Touch ID & Pass-code.

Here You Will Control The Following:


  • Notification centre
  • Today View
  • Siri
  • Control Centre
  • Home control
  • Reply with Message
  • Return Missed Call
  • USB Accessories: (Put this off, and USB devices – comprising black box hacking systems which are used by criminal entities. They will be incapable of working with your iPad when it has been over an hour after your device was locked.)


For full protection, disable all of these. That is a trade-off between convenience and privacy. Keep the Control Centre, Notification Centre, and Return Missed Call active. You can limit the number of apps that can send you Lock Screen Notifications.


Increase privacy by disabling Show Previews for app notifications so that communications won’t come up on the lock screen.


What more could you do is reduce the auto-lock time to 30 seconds. This can be done on Settings>Display & Brightness>Auto-Lock.


Use a VPN


You must always use a Virtual private network (VPN). This makes it much harder for people to track, monitor, or intercept your internet traffic.


If your company provides you with one of these, you should use it. In case you don’t get it, be sure to get VPN from a reputable services provider. A VPN service provider will certainly have access to all your traffic.


Privatize Safari


Safari has many privacy settings. You can use it in Settings>Safari>Privacy & Security.


These Include:


  • Prevent Cross-Site Tracking: It tries to stop websites and services from tracking you.


  • Block All Cookies: Some web services you use may require you to enable cookies, but you should remember to disable those in-between times.

  • Ask Websites Not to Track Me: The Do Not Track feature has been removed, as explained here.


  • Fraudulent Website Warning: This provides useful protection against Spoof websites.


  • Motion & Orientation Access: This tool (off by default) prevents sites from being able to access a device’s accelerometer and gyroscope. This is a trade-off: On the one hand, you’ll find it harder to access VR experiences online, while on the other it is a feature abused by tracking firms who use it to “fingerprint” your device. (Fingerprinting is explained below.)


  • Camera & Microphone Access: Turn this off to prevent sites from accessing either your camera or your microphone without expressed permission.


  • Check for Apple Pay: Keep this active if you want to be able to pay for items using Apple Pay.


  • Change your search engine


  • Apple still insists on making Google the default search engine for Safari on iOS.


Use Password Auditing


iOS has come up with a very useful password auditing feature. You can use it to ensure that all the passwords that you use are different across all your services and devices. The feature is very simple to use.


OpenSettings>Passwords & Accounts and choose Website & App Passwords.


If you could see a tiny grey triangle beside one of the items on the list, this implies you have used the same exact password in multiple locations. Tap a flagged item to learn what password you have used and where else you have used it.


Select Change Password on Website. Apple takes you to the relevant page to replace your password with a more protected version. This makes iPads wholesale more protected. 


Browser Fingerprinting


Browser fingerprinting is a method that uses publicly shared information about your iPhone or iPad to track and identify what that device does online. This is information such as platform, screen resolution, browser – even fonts or accelerometer info. You must note that the more browser plug-ins and extensions you use, the easier you make it for fingerprinting systems to identify you.


Collectively, this allows unaccountable analytics firms to develop an exceptionally accurate picture of site visitors and what they do. Have you ever thought about how much information you have given in this way? Apple is putting up with good action to curb this kind of activity.


Final Words


When a person is online, he/she tends to stay logged into services that they use, right? As long as you are logged in, these services have a much simpler time tracking you. So what’s the Solution? Logging out!  Always log-out of the sites that you have logged into. 

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