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How Apple’s iPad Emerged as the Gadget of the Pandemic

During the pandemic, Apple observed an increased sale of wholesale iPads due to the rising need for user friendly gadgets for work from home and student learning. Apple generated high revenue despite the corona virus crisis because of the work from home trend that boosted iPad sales.

Apple reported high earnings and immense growth amid the corona virus crisis across the globe as of 2021. According to the analysts, there was an increase in sales of Apple iPads due to the rising demands of consumer computing devices to support work and learn from home during lockdown.

Apple highlighted the work-from-home trends and high online sales to contribute towards the overall operations. It is also observed that Apple was withstanding the pandemic due to remote work and learning trends.

Why Apple’s iPad is Worth Buying during Lockdown?

The iPad has emerged as the gadget of the pandemic amid the corona virus pandemic. The bigger screen of an iPad makes it suitable for videoconferencing with applications such as FaceTime and Zoom. 

People prefer it for watching movies and shows on Netflix and YouTube. It can also be attached to a keyboard which makes it an excellent budget friendly computer with half the price of an iPhone. With an internet connection the iPad can be used for browsing internet, and writing emails.

iPads to Communicate with Friends and Family

Since the lockdown in the country people have been spending more time online whether the Netflix binge sessions or Zoom calls with the family. People are now getting closer and more connected with one another than ever before.

The iPads have emerged as the perfect middle-ground for content consumption and communication as people no longer need to carry laptop between rooms at home. In recent months, the pandemic has forced people to use videoconferencing with their family and friends. People have realized that video calls on laptops were lousy as it drained the battery very quickly.

Also, security researchers have found that Zoom calls had major security vulnerabilities on computers but not on mobile devices because mobile apps operate in a more restricted environment with limited access to your data.

That is when iPads emerged as a preferred tool among the audience. People shifted to iPads for their video calls which has bigger screen and much longer battery life than a laptop.

iPads as a Preferred Tool for Getting Work Done

Gradually people started shifting to iPads for their work tasks which included composing emails, taking notes and even doing expenses. People preferred its prolonged battery life and the way apps took up its full screen.

It also helped them to concentrate on tasks. Some people also used the iPad keyboards which are simple to attach. According to iPad users, typing on iPad keyboard feels the same as using a normal keyboard, and they also have a case that protects the tablet while propping it up.

iPads for Entertainment

The iPad serves best for entertainment from streaming movies to playing video games. It is also suitable to keep up with your friends on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to share comments and photos. The iPad has been a great video-playing gadget for people during lockdown.

Why to Choose iPad over another Tablet Computer?

The iPad is the best tablet on the market even though many of the same tasks can be done on cheaper tablets because these other devices are much slower and have inferior screens when compared to iPads.

The Apps Offered by iPads

The iOS operating system of iPads offers better applications and also has more exclusives. It gets apps for new services or games first, and the apps for iPads make better use of its big-screen layouts.

It offers several well-known games, powerful photo editing tools, Procreate as a graphics editor app for digital painting, and award-winning apps like Things which is a personal task manager.

Software Updates for iPads

One of the biggest advantages of iPads over other Android tablets is the frequent software updates from Apple. There is continuous software up-gradation delivered by Apple to its devices along with major new versions of iOS operating system now known as iPad OS.

Hardware and Accessories

Even though iPads does not have the latest AMOLED displays, but its screens are still the best as compared to other Android tablets. The iPad Pro line has super-smooth displays and accurate colour calibration and great brightness. For a matter of fact, hardware from Apple is so good that you can always purchase an older model to save money.

In fact, people who are willing to accept refurbished wholesale iPads can get decent deals from Apple with a first-party warranty along with the option for extended AppleCare+. Apart from the hardware of iPads, Apple also provides accessories that no other tablet offers. Apple offers a wide range of cases, stands, screen protectors, and keyboards.

There are two drawbacks to iPads which adds up to its overall price. The first is the requirement for external keyboard and the other is the requirement for more storage space for games and other applications. However, the iPad is still cheaper than most iPhone models and is still a better value than some of the laptops from brands like Lenovo, Dell and HP.

Connect iPads to Television Sets

The iPad has the ability to stream HD videos and play high-quality games. IPad users can connect it to their TV sets using the AirPlay to connect wirelessly and watch their favourite shows on the big screen.

Edit Photos and Videos

You can use your iPad to click pictures and also edit that picture easily. It has the built-in editing features as well as several photo-editing apps available on the App Store. You can download filters to extend the Photos app and also to edit videos. It also has the freely available iMobile app.

Best iPads to choose from

The top 5 iPads to be considered are listed below: –


  1. Apple iPad Air
  2. Apple iPad Pro
  3. The iPad Mini



The iPad has emerged as an all-in-one device that delivers all technological needs of its user even better than a Smartphone. Its ease of use and value are so compelling that it is highly recommended that people opt for iPad during the pandemic.


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